Ice Tower

SMDC’s ICE TOWER is a modern residential-office that provides the luxury and comforts of a premium condominium development, with features and amenities suited for the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Inspired by the symmetry and smooth glossy surface of ice, this development has a full façade, capturing and unimposingly sleek but equally powerful stance.


Units Offered

  • 1 Bedroom Unit
  • 1 Bedroom End Unit
  • 1 Bedroom End Unit with Den
  • 2 Bedroom Unit
Building Features
  • Six (6) Elevators
    Five (5) Passenger Elevators
    One (1) Service Elevator
    Proximity Card homing features
  • CCTV Cameras in Common Areas
  • High Density Telecoms (higher bandwidth)
  • Mail Box Room
  • Fire Sprinkler System
  • Automatic Fire Detection & Alarm System (FDAS)
  • Stand by back-up automatic Generator System
    100% Common Areas
    100% RESO Units
  • Garbage Room in every RESO Floor
    STP and Cistern
    2 Fire Exits in every RESO Floor

Hotel-like Lobbies & Resort-styled Amenities

Ice Tower is a really special place. It’s not just a building where people live and work; it’s a whole new way of enjoying life. Right in the Mall of Asia Complex, it brings together the best of home and office life in one cool spot. So, each part of Ice Tower, from the cozy and stylish homes to the eco-friendly design, shows how much thought and care went into making it. Whether you’re working hard, taking care of your family, or just starting your own business, it has something great for you.

In addition, living here means you’re part of an exciting community where every day is full of chances to work, have fun, and meet new people. Also, it’s a place that makes every day a little bit better, thanks to all the handy and fun things it has to offer. It isn’t just a place to stay or a place to work; it’s where you can really make the most of life. So, when we think about Ice Tower, it’s more than just another building. It’s a fresh and fun way to live in the city. For anyone looking for a mix of comfort and excitement, Ice Tower is the perfect choice.

  • Commercial Hub
  • Business Hub
  • Central Lobby
  • Central Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Function Hall
  • Fitness Hub
  • Social Hub
  • Sky Lounge
Full Address